About WEx

BLT understand the value of work experience to young people and are committed to helping schools, parents and students identify high quality placement opportunities across the region. We maintain a critical link between education and business that:

  • Supports the raising of attainment
  • Increases student motivation
  • Brings relevance to the learning process and provides teacher support
  • Increases employment opportunities for young people in the area
  • Meets the need for a well-qualified workforce

Our vision is to remain a centre of excellence for developing and managing sustainable links between education and business to inspire creativity and achievement in young people, enabling them to unlock potential in their academic, working and personal lives.

Services to Schools

We manage hundreds of placements annually and engage with schools to help students better understand the skills and attributes required in the workplace.

Our activities include:

  • Work Experience/Extended Work Experience
  • Employer Health and Safety checks
  • Arranging employer visits to schools
  • Workplace visits
Services to Employers

We value the support that local businesses give to schools by offering work experience placements and assisting at enterprise events.

We help businesses across the region by:

  • Guiding employers on structuring effective work experience programmes
  • Offering free training and mentoring for your staff to support your work experience initiatives
  • Providing a full-time resource before, during and after work placements to address questions

I was overwhelmed at the positive feedback I had back from the employers of my CoPE group in particular. Obviously a contributory factor of their success was the suitability of the placements you found. … all of these students actually thrived in their placements.

Ms Paula Hogston, Curriculum Support Manager (Mandeville School)