Our Aim

To increase the number of schools and settings giving good and better provision to children and young people and to reduce the number of schools and settings falling into Ofsted categories.

Every child should make at least good progress and should benefit from being part of a community of schools and partners which is committed to providing outstanding care and support to the child.

Our mission, vision and values

  • Core purpose

    To drive opportunity through education for all children across the region.

  • Mission

    To ensure that our young people have access to the best education possible by providing high-quality services that support leaders and pupils to achieve their potential.

  • Vision

    To achieve the highest education outcomes for Buckinghamshire pupils in the country.

  • Values

    Our values are passion, leadership, responsibility, aspiration, pride and commitment.

Our impact and value

We exist to support schools to improve teaching and learning and deliver great outcomes for children and young people, in short delivering opportunities through education. We are proud of our partnership with the Local Authority, schools and settings across the region and of our impact that has seen the percentage of good and outstanding schools in the region rise by 19% (from 79% to 94%) over the last 5 years despite a 25% decline of £2 million in annual grant funding.

We are committed to continued provision of services and products that drive clear outcomes and value-for-money for all our stakeholders.

BLT is a social enterprise with a big ambition to constantly improve education and learner outcomes wherever we can.