e-Bulletin – Issue 58

Local update


There continues to be much activity around the Ofsted consultation; below I have tried to capture some of the key releases to help save you time looking.

Amanda Spielman HMCI discussed curriculum and Ofsted’s proposed education framework at the ‘Wonder Years’ Knowledge Curriculum Conference last week. The transcript of her speech can be accessed here. It gives us a little more insight into the current thinking by Ofsted behind their proposed framework.

Remember, if you haven’t already had a chance to look at the consultation you can find out more about the proposals here.

 Feedback your views

It is worth considering how you will involve staff and board members in providing feedback before 5 April. The options are laid out below.

You can:

  • complete the online questionnaire accessed by clicking the following link:

education inspection framework consultation

  • download a Word version of the questionnaire and email it to inspection.consultation@ofsted.gov.uk with the consultation name in the subject line
  • print a Word version of the questionnaire and post this to the following address:
    EIF Programme Team
    Clive House
    70 Petty France
    SW1H 9EX

A video clip by Chris Russell, Regional Director, South East, has been released on YouTube targeted at classroom teachers. His aim to share key information about inspection and in his words not mine – ‘put people at ease.’  Link here.

Focus on Governance 5 and 13 February

To see the full agenda click here. We are happy to extend the invitation to any interested leaders including governors. Please book your place either on Governorhub or by emailing govhelp@learningtrust.net or by calling 01296 872345 stating whether you want to attend the session at the Learning Campus Aston Clinton or the Holiday Inn Wycombe.

Finally, I want to leave you with a thought from Rob Carpenter CEO of Inspire Partnership, he writes….

‘I believe passionately that schools improve ‘bottom up’ rather than ‘top down.’ Giving away our best ideas forces us to create new ones! ‘

It’s worthy of debate and has made me reflect on what part this plays in every effective organisation. How do we all continue to look outward and gain the benefit from spreading best practice and sharing ideas?

Have a super week.




Kate Rumboll  Director of Education Standards BLT


National Update

 Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy

The Department for Education have published their strategy for recruiting and retaining school teachers in state funded schools.  The strategy was developed collaboratively with teachers, headteachers, representative bodies, teachers’ unions, initial teacher training providers and leading experts.

The strategy, which identifies 4 priorities can be found here alongside additional information, and an accompanying video.

 Ofsted Board Member Recruitment

Ofsted is recruiting up to four members to its board. The board agrees Ofsted’s strategic priorities, targets and objectives. Its members provide constructive and supportive advice and challenge to Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) on Ofsted’s activities and performance, and monitors Ofsted’s performance and spending.

More information on criteria for applicants and timescales can be found here.

KS4 Performance Statistics 2018 and Secondary School Performance Tables

The Department for Education has published revised statistics on the achievements in GCSE examinations and other qualifications of young people in academic year 2017 to 2018. For the first time, this publication also includes achievements of young people in multi-academy trusts.

The statistics can be found here and commentary here

Secondary school performance tables have also been published and can be found here.

 Attitudes to Education: National Centre for Social Research

Research on attitudes to education, commissioned by the DfE via questions on the British Social Attitudes survey, has been published.

The research, which can be found here, includes general attitudes on the education system in England, general views on schools in England and views on Higher Education.

 Shanghai Maths Exchange Research Report

A long-term study on the Shanghai – England Maths Teacher Exchange, carried out by Sheffield Hallam University, has concluded the project – the first of its kind – has had a positive influence on the way maths is taught in the schools that took part.

The findings have been published in the same week as the world’s education leaders gather in London for Education World Forum, and as the latest delegation of teachers from Shanghai visit schools across England to showcase their mastery teaching approach.

More details can be found here and the full report here.


Higher Education Outcomes for EBacc Subject Entry : DfE Research

The Department for Education have published information investigating how pupil entry and attainment rates in EBacc subjects differ based on the higher education institution that pupils go on to attend.

The report can be  found here.

 School Snapshot Survey: Summer 2018

The Department for Education have published a summary of responses to questions asked in the summer 2018 school snapshot survey.

The report can be found here.

Topics include removal of levels, GCSE reforms, teacher workload, CPD, mental health needs and careers education.

 UK Space Agency Competition for Young Space Entrepreneurs

The UK Space Agency is offering young people expert advice and a share of £50,000 for their ideas of how satellites could improve life on Earth.

The SatelLife competition is open to those aged between 11 and 22 and aims to support the development of science, data handling and technological skills.

The competition closes on 3 March 2019

More details can be found here.