What we do

Buckinghamshire Learning Trust (BLT) is a social enterprise providing a range of services to schools and settings across the region. As an organisation we are passionate and committed to delivering solutions that address leadership, curriculum, management and performance needs and driving improved outcomes for pupils across the county.

The National Learning Trust (NLT) is a division of Buckinghamshire Learning Trust (BLT). From 2018 products and services offered outside of Buckinghamshire will be provided through our National Learning Trust (NLT) division.

Our Services

National Learning Trust 2018/2019 Brochure

We are delighted to launch the National Learning Trust services brochure for the 2018/2019 academic year.

We are committed to products and services that are developed in collaboration with schools and settings and which foster an ethos of accountability and ambition to perform at the highest level.

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We are in our fourth year of having 2 year olds at Millbrook and BLT have really supported us with the setting up, the provision and the training required in order for us to run a successful provision where the children make outstanding progress.

Ms Dawn Waldron, Assistant Headteacher (Millbrook Combined School)

BLT consultants are of a high quality, knowledgeable about the sector on a local and national basis and provide a service tailored to needs…not taking just a one-size-fits-all approach.

Mr Marcus Faulkner, Headteacher (Bearbrook Combined School)

The BLT service is professional but also warm and friendly. It gives us access to a body of expertise and knowledge drawn from a variety of other schools and contexts. Our clerk and her BLT colleagues are a ready source of guidance and information, but perhaps most of all are trustworthy interlocutors who have helped us to develop our own thoughts and skills.

Mr Stuart Smith, Chair of Governors (Woodside Junior School)

In purchasing the CPD package from Buckinghamshire Learning Trust I have been able to throw open the doors to a wide range of additional training opportunities, without worrying about mounting costs. This has had a significant impact on staff development, their feeling of being valued and the skills that they have to meet the ever-changing demands of our varied cohorts. From behaviour management, to SEN to Subject Leadership, we have accessed a range of high quality training opportunities and I have saved thousands of pounds, ensuring my bursar is happy too!

Ms Carol-Anne McCollum, Headteacher (The Three Schools; Drayton Parslow, Mursley and Swanbourne)